Friday, March 14, 2014

Reflection Time

Overall, I truly enjoyed this course.  It forced me to broaden my horizons as an educator.  I came across a number of new sites that I wouldn’t have otherwise used.  While going through the course, I have come to utilize Diigo the most.  It has helped me with my specialist classes, as I can highlight material for papers.  Additionally, the ability to take my bookmarks with me and tag and search information is a huge help.

I also enjoyed the flexibility the course provided.  As a coach, I could never attend the other professional development that our district provides.  It is either during practice or an event.  By having a 100% online course, I have been able to work at my own pace.  Additionally, once I was bogged down in wrestling season, I was able to put the course on the side and come back to it at a later date.

As for the course, I would like to see it updated a little.  Some other interesting sites I didn’t see mentioned were Remind101 and SAS Curriculum pathways.  Both are things that I feel many would be interested in learning more about. 

All in all, the class was great.  If I had to sum it all up:  The course is a fantastic way for educators to stay abreast on current trends on technology in the classroom at a pace and time that is convenient for them.

4 Web 2.0 tools looked at:

LinkedIn -  I like the idea of a more professional social networking site.  At this point, I am not sure how much I might use it.  I will need to explore it a bit more to see the connections for the education world.  It would be amazing in the business world though!

Pinterest – I must admit, my wife used Pinterest before.  I never saw the need.  However, once I sat down with, I have been truly amazed by the amount of material I can find on the site.  Not only have I found specific things for education, but I am also coming across great quotes and pictures to utilize in my PowerPoints.  So much for giving my wife a hard time about it!  I will be utilizing this for upcoming instruction.

LiveText – I had heard about this program before, but had never looked at it.  I can see the benefit of having an online portfolio in the classroom. 

Teachertube – I like the idea of escaping the Youtube trap.  Teachertube looks to be a much safer and more beneficial site than its bigger cousin.


Skype could be very beneficial in my life.  While, do to time constraints, I do not anticipate using it in class, I think I will get some use from it in my personal life.  We have family scattered all across the US.  Generally, we use Facetime to talk and show our family our son.  However, not everyone has an iPhone or an iPad.  Skype will offer a great way to reach those family members who are using different cell products.  Who doesn't want to see Roman's smiling face!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I'm so glad you included this one.  I used it a lot last year.  In fact, it was my saving grace when Mary and I first got Roman.  I recorded my lecture series and posted them into my Blackboard page.  While the 5 minute limit can be a pain, it does help you stay on track with your lessons.  I also felt much better only redoing 5 minutes when I messed up, instead of 10-20.  I would highly recommend for everyone to check it out.  It saves so many headaches and is very well designed.  Just be careful recording during your plan calls and bells can be very pesky!

Relections of Week 5

It's that time again.  As I look back at what was introduced this week, I felt a familiarity with the items.  I have used Picassa and Animoto before.  I like them both.  I really like the idea of Animoto for a quick highlight video to help spur interest in wrestling with the younger kids.  I could also see it being a good use of class time.  Students could make quick presentations using it.  As for Photopeach, I can see it being useful, especially with the quick quizzes.  I may try to implement it when we are covering geography or art/architechture in our units.

Quick Practice PhotoPeach with a quiz

Practice Show on PhotoPeach

Hello Animoto